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5 Things To Know About The Emojo Caddy PRO

5 Things To Know About The Emojo Caddy PRO

The Emojo Caddy PRO is a trike built to last..and to enjoy! The Caddy PRO version of the original Caddy includes a number of upgrades that have taken this e-trike to the next level of comfort and reliability. This e-trike is being enjoyed by many people who consider it a very comfortable and convenient way to move around. These are 5 things to know about the Emojo Caddy PRO:

  1. Hydraulic brakes for added reliability. Unlike the original Caddy version with Mechanical brakes, the Caddy PRO incorporates Hydraulic Tektro brakes for additional safety and reliability. Hydraulic brakes are considered a premium component in the E-bike industry, and the Caddy PRO is making them part of their newest model
  2. Oversized seat with rest. This is a game changer. The newly added seat rest is adding so much comfort in every ride that you will never want to get off your bike again. This adds relief and stability to your back and will allow you to enjoy your trike for more prolonged periods of time
  3. Full front suspension. Unlike the previous model, the Caddy PRO incorporates also full front suspension which provides an even smoother ride and make things more comfortable when riding your bike through unsteady terrain. This adds another level of comfort knowing that your trike has shock absorption capabilities too
  4. Ideal for carrying heavy stuff. It is equipped with plenty of space so you can get things around very easily: groceries, equipment, cargo, etc. These baskets are a well appreciated accessory when you are in need of extra space to carry things around with you
  5. It is a fat tire trike. It is equipped with 4.0 X R 24 Kenda, Rear Tire X 2 : 4.0 X R 20 Kenda to get through tough terrain if you nee to, and to get a smooth ride also when you need to

This trike is loved by many. It is a great way to move around in a comfortable, convenient, reliable, and eco-friendly way.

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